Cadence, who was known temporarily as Princess Cadence, is a DJ, a singer, dancer, and popular musical artist in Club Penguin. She first appeared in the Club Penguin Times when there was a tour about the Night Club. Her favorite phrase is, "It's time to dance!". She likes to call herself the "Dance Machine". She also owns a purple puffle named Lolz, who was first meetable during the Puffle Party 2011.

Like other mascots, she waddles around Club Penguin Island giving out free backgrounds. She has also made the game Dance Contest during the Dance-A-Thon. She is the only penguin, with the exception of Stompin' Bob, that can equip two hand items: her wristbands and her boombox/golden microphone.

Cadence has also been known as a member of the Party Commitee. She has helped plan, and has appeared at, multiple Music Jams. In February 2012, Cadence revealed her love for fashion and clothes, in which she introduced the Fashion Show party at the Clothes Shop. She organized the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam with her friends Rocky and CeCe in July 2012. In February 2013, she was the party organizer for the Hollywood Party, and helped in filming Penguin High 3. On August 2013, during the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, she came as a mascot during the party, along with Brady and McKenzie, and received a new background and shirt. In July 2014, see brought a Music Cruise to the island and invited Cole Plante, Zendaya, Sabrina Carpenter, and Violetta to join the party. She shows up in Dance Contest. When she asks what difficulty you want, you can click on her to get to expert mode.