Here we have our Coffee Shop. You can grab a hot cup of java... unload beans in Bean Counters... or have a delicious fruit smoothie. Making smoothies is fun, but messy! The Coffee Shop is a small cafe restaurant located in the Town Center. The first story of the Coffee Shop has plush red couches, tables, a serving counter, and other decor. Players can also play the mini-games, Bean Counters, by walking on the top of the Java bean bags and Smoothie Smash by walking over to the Smoothie Counter. The second floor of the building, which can be accessed by a staircase, is the headquarters of the Club Penguin Times. Mancala can be played here, and Penguin Art can be viewed. The Coffee Shop is the one of the oldest rooms in Club Penguin.

Behind the Coffee Shop, there is lot of empty space and a small shed where the java delivery truck is parked when it is free. The door to the back, where the shed is, can be seen behind the shop. The shop is often decorated for parties. Anniversary Parties are always held here.

On August 30, 2012 (during the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit) along with the new Smoothie Smash game, the shop was completely refurnished and renovated to look like a more modern Coffee Shop. A smoothie counter was added in the corner of the shop, giving an alternative to the Coffee Shop's regular fare.