The Plaza is a main area in Club Penguin which is located between the Forest and the Snow Forts. It follows the same design as the Town Center - four buildings (though three in the Town) and exits on either side. The buildings in the Plaza are the Pizza Parlor, the Pet Shop, the Mall, Puffle Hotel and the Puffle Park. The Snow Forts and the Forest are on either side of the Plaza. The Puffle Hotel was first found here on March 21, 2013, in between the Pet Shop and the Stage. The Puffle Park was first opened on April 17, 2014. There is also a manhole between the Pet Shop and the Puffle Hotel, which leads to the Underground Pool. On December 6, 2012, the Plaza was renovated, along with the Town Center, Beach, Ski Village, Dock and Snow Forts as part of The Journey.